Re-inventing PPF With Avery Dennison’s Peter Wright

Re-inventing PPF With Avery Dennison’s Peter Wright

          PPF (Paint Protection Film) has come a long way over the years and no longer starts and ends with the protection of your vehicle’s paint. Autostyling PPF is now available in a range of finishes from gloss to matte and the brand new satin. 

          Partnering with Graphic Art Mart and Avery Dennison, Autostyling had the privilege of hosting a PPF & Vehicle Wrapping workshop right here in our Belmont studio. Peter Wright, Technical Marketing Manager of Avery Dennison has been in the digital print industry for over 26 years. With more than 2,000 trainees across Australia, Peter has joined us for another exemplary demonstration of the recent advancements of PPF.

Avery Dennison & Graphic Art Mart Vehicle Wrapping + PPF Workshop Hosted by AutoSpec Autostyling.

Advantages Of PPF

          PPF originated long ago as a military solution to flying shrapnel and debris but has been adapted by the automotive sector for our beloved vehicles. Available in a range of finishes, thickness and layering styles, all PPF’s are designed with an identical goal: to protect the vehicle's paint from scratches, chips and environmental damage. 

          The film is a thick polyurethane that acts as a barrier for your paint, shielding it from UV rays, bird droppings and impacts. Avery Dennison’s PPF line also features their innovative self-healing property allowing scratches on the film to heal overtime, disappearing when exposed to heat or sunlight. Although easily replaceable altogether, this new self-healing technology extends the lifetime of your PPF.

Peter Wright discusses the key differences between Ceramic Coating and PPF in safeguarding your vehicle’s paint.

PPF Vs. Ceramic Coating

          Ceramic coating and PPF are both services offered by AutoSpec Autostyling. Ceramic coating is often perceived as an alternative to PPF but is simply a different technology. Ceramic coating is applied directly to the paint, forming a bond which primarily protects against stains and makes it easier to clean. PPF is a full defence system for your vehicle with self healing properties with  the ability to deflect debris. PPF is also easily replaceable if damaged, only requiring you to replace the damaged portion and not the entire film. 

          PPF has seen a number of advancements beyond its self-healing capabilities for applicators, requiring nothing more than warm water to activate its adhesive property. This reduces the need for potentially harmful chemicals to come in contact with your vehicle’s paint. All you need is a squeegee, a heat gun and a high quality precision knife.

Trainees practice detailing, wrapping and PPF application at our AutoSpec Autostyling workshop.

          Toolkits were supplied and gifted for all trainees as well as a generous amount of Wrap Film and Paint Protection Film to practice on. Trainees are introduced to the recent developments of vehicle detailing and how streamlined the process has become. Once trained, workshop patrons get to try their skills out first hand on our test vehicles following along with our Autostyling professionals. Andrew Murua, Autostyling’s Lead Vehicle Wrap Installer makes the process easy to follow and understand as they employ the many tools found in our fully equipped Belmont facility.

How To Correctly Install PPF

          To guarantee a successful PPF installation, ensure the paint is thoroughly cleaned with high quality cleaning solutions. Apply a generous amount of warm soapy water to the surface before warming up the film with a heat gun to make it easier to work with. Use a light pressure and consistent movement when squeegeeing the film onto the vehicle. Be thorough and meticulous, ensuring there are no wrinkles or air bubbles. Finally, use a high quality, very sharp precision knife to trim the excess.

Peter Wright demonstrates correct vehicle wrapping technique on rounder, more intricate portions of the vehicle.

          AutoSpec Autostyling plans to host more workshops in the future and provide our own vehicle wrapping courses for aspiring students. As our Belmont studio grows and expands, we invite all Perth Autostylists to visit, collaborate and grow the vehicle enthusiast scene together. Book your visit today for a range of detailing, wrapping and PPF options.