Fad Or Trend: The Truth Behind Chrome Deletes

Fad Or Trend: The Truth Behind Chrome Deletes

          For as long as vehicle wrapping and general customisations have existed, this question has forever been asked: Should I chrome delete my car? The common answer is usually something along the lines of “well that depends on the colour of your car, wheels, etc”. And if you do decide to chrome delete your vehicle, then you’ll have to decide on which parts to delete; and between the door handles, the window trims, the badges, rims and more, there exists an overwhelming combination to choose from. While it is true that deleting the chrome from your vehicle is a subjective decision, there are objective benefits to consider that we rarely see discussed. How the chrome is deleted plays a strong role in the end look of your vehicle.

DIY Chrome Deletes

          Chrome deletes can be done in numerous ways and there are certainly recommendations we make at AutoSpec Autostyling to ensure an end product both our detailers and customers will be satisfied with. Chrome deletes commonly fall into the DIY section of vehicle modifications but often sacrifice many of the possible vehicle benefits by using cheaper means. If you want your chrome delete done right, you need to employ the correct method, and above all else, the correct tools.

Andrew Murua, our Autostylist with over 15 years of experience discusses the techniques and benefits of Chrome Deletes.

Benefits Of Chrome Deletes

          Chrome in general is very prone to scratching and dulling over time. Our chrome deletes employ the use of high quality vinyl wrap to protect your chrome and shield it from environmental damage. Because chrome deletes are reversible (you can simply remove the wrap), chrome deletes can effectively maintain the resale value of your vehicle by acting as a safeguard for your chrome. And if it’s simply the look you’re after, then you’ll be pleased to read that it is one of the more cost-effective customisation options compared to more involved modifications.

          In a perfect world, chrome deletes would last between 4-7 years on your vehicle before needing a touchup. In the real world however, UV exposure will likely cause some degradation at around the 4-5 year mark. We provide a 2 year warranty as we cannot accurately account for how well it’s been maintained by the customer. Keep it out of the sun  and you’ll find your film can last a long time. If you want your wrap to last longer, you can also consider our application of ceramic coating, extending its longevity even further. 

Chrome Deletes are available in a wide range of finishes and film grades. ARLON is our preferred film after many chrome deletes.

          We stock a wide variety of cast film brands to choose from ranging from 3M, Avery, Hexis and more. Our favourite of the bunch is ARLON, which only recently introduced a new line of films which work flawlessly for chrome deletes. We have an extensive range of black films to choose from, but our favourite finishes include ultra high gloss, smooth and deep black.

 Vinyl Wrap Vs Paint Chrome Delete

          Although paint is the more expensive option, it is not the best option for chrome deletes. Painted chrome deletes are prone to chipping and are not a long term solution. Because the delete is painted onto the chrome, any imperfections within the chrome will bleed out into the paint over time if not immediately. Paint is much more vulnerable to the elements than vinyl wrap and much more costly to replace; when a portion of your vinyl is damaged, you only need to replace that portion. Some chrome aspects like the mirrors are designed to fold and bend and scrape against other parts of your vehicle; paint is much more susceptible to this contact. Paint also negatively impacts your resale value due to its irreversible nature.

Can I Choose The Colour For My Chrome Delete?

          Our fully equipped facility stocks an impressive range of cast films to consider, many of which have physical swatch books for you to inspect before making a decision. Certain colours may complement the vehicle better than others. Colour options also make interior chrome deletes more interesting, as there are often dashboard items or trinkets you may want to colour accent.

How Long Does A Chrome Delete Take?

          Although chrome deletes can be done relatively quickly, the vinyl film has to undergo a curing process overnight before we conduct our quality check. Thankfully, this is usually only an overnight time frame, so we will need the car for a minimum of two days. Availability is another tricky matter, as almost all our services require a fairly extensive detailing of the vehicle beforehand to ensure correct application.

          Visit our chrome deletes page for an extensive run down on our available bundles and costs. Feel free to reach out for a quote or inquiries and we will return your message as soon as we can. Please submit a request for consultation before visiting our Belmont facility.