Classic Custom Wrap Packages

Classic Wrap Package (Free Consultation)

The Classic Wrap Package is our superior wrapping option with a finish that is sure to impress. We use High Quality Cast Films as the basis for your design. This film is a significant step up from our Standard Calendared, bringing new levels of printability, image quality and 3d conformability. Essential hardware is also removed from the vehicle before the wrap application to create a significantly better finish.

Begin by telling us your vehicle size and specifications and be sure to mention the inclusion or exclusion of a graphic design. From there our experts will reach out to you for your consultation.

1. Superior Wrap Finish 
2. Includes our Executive Detail Package ($189 Value)
3. Durable and flawless finish through High Quality Cast Films

4. Careful Surface Preparation
5. Essential Hardware Removal
6. Detailed Film Tucking

Prices start at $3,180.

This listing is for a 15 Minute free consultation; payment is not required at checkout.

With a wide range of colours, designs and finishes to choose from, the possibilities are endless. But we understand that making a decision can be overwhelming. Whether your idea is fully thought out or simply a spark in your head, our team of experts can help walk you through the process to make the right choice for your vehicle. We'll work with you to understand your style, preferences, and budget to create a custom car wrap that we can both be proud of.

Please note that the prices reflected above are only an estimate. A true price will be determined after vehicle inspection.