Here's where your transformation begins. Our detailing packages are comprehensively designed to suit all makes and models. Any package can be upgraded to include our cost-effective yet luxurious Maintenance Service.

Our services are available as an all-inclusive or interior-only package. Add-ons such as headlight restoration can be added to any package or purchased as a stand-alone service. 

Workshop & Mobile Services available.

Detailing Packages

Our Full Detailing Package is available at 3 tiers of professional service: Executive, Signature & Ultimate.

Our Executive Package is ideal for regularly maintained vehicles while our Signature Package is a more comprehensive detail. Both of these services are same day pick-up. Our Ultimate Package is our illustrious detailing service and will require the full attention of our AutoStylists for the entire day. The Ultimate Package is next day pick-up.

Add-Ons such as headlight restoration can be added to any package or purchased as stand-alone. Purchasing any Full Detailing Package makes you eligible for our Maintenance Package.

Our detailing services are also available as Interior-Only at 2 tiers of professional service: Basic & Comprehensive.

Our Basic Service includes a vacuuming of the full-interior including the boot. We detail the dashboard, console and door trims as well as a generous application of gloss and protectant to the dashboard & console. Cleaning the inside of the glass follows. Our Comprehensive Service covers all of the above as well as a full steam cleaning, a deep shampoo and vacuum of your seats and carpets, a cleaning of the roof lining and an application of leather conditioner.

Both our Basic & Comprehensive services are same day pick-up. Add-Ons such as headlight restoration can be added to either service or purchased as stand-alone.

More niche detailing services are categorised as Add-Ons and can be purchased as stand-alone items or added to any package.

Our Add-Ons Services include: Headlight Restoration, 1 Year Ceramic Coating, Engine Bay Detailing, Deep Clean Shampoo and Vacuum Seats & Carpet, Deodorizing Treatment including Cabin Filter Upgrade, and Window Ceramic Treatment (Water Repellent & Anti Fog).

These services range from
same day to next day pick-up and may require prior detailing beforehand.

AutoStyling Car Detailing
AutoStyling Car Detailing


Maintaining your vehicle is our highly recommended, cost-effective way to preserve the detailing of your car going forward.

Only available by purchasing an Executive, Signature or Ultimate Detailing Package; our Maintenance Package covers 1 or 3 Future Visits for detailing.

Included is 1 or 3 Consecutive Bookings for:

  • Full Interior Vacuuming
  • Snow Foam & Body Shampoo
  • Upholstery Protectant
  • Full Window Clean
  • Tyre Shine

AutoStyling Car Detailing
AutoStyling Car Detailing