Vehicles can be dropped off at 8:00AM or 12:30PM

Add-Ons are a cost-effective way to purchase specific detailing items without purchasing a full package*.  

Headlight Restoration: The headlights are thoroughly cleaned down and then sanded using varying grits until a smooth finish is achieved. Once sanded, your headlights are polished using a car buffer. We then apply our professional sealant to prolong the restoration results.

Ceramic Coating: Our ceramic coating is designed to last one year and uses our premium Ceramic Compound. The coating creates a protective layer on the exterior which chemically bonds with your vehicle's paint. This provides not only paint protection for your vehicle but also acts as a hydrophobic layer protecting against water and gives it a shiny, glossy appearance.

Engine Bay Detail: Detailing the engine bay requires a thorough degree of preparation especially in regards to protecting nearby components such as your battery or fuse box. Your engine is brushed down completely with a suitable engine degreaser before being rinsed with a gentle stream of water. We then allow the engine bay to fully air dry and apply a protectant to guard against future contaminants. Any stubborn stains are then given a thorough look over and ensure that all connections are properly set.

Shampoo & Vacuum Seats and Carpet: This involves deep cleaning the fabric and upholstery of your vehicle. Before shampooing, we vacuum the interior and apply spot cleaners to stubborn stains. We then work the shampoo into your fabric using microfiber pads and agitate the shampoo to loosen dirt or grime. After letting the shampoo set for a period of time, we then use a wet vacuum to remove the shampoo and dirt. 

Deodorizing Treatment - Cabin Filter Upgrade: The goal of this Add-On is to remove any odours from your vehicle and improve the overall air quality. Odours such as cigarette smoke, pet odours, food spills, etc are eliminated completely using our neutralising agents. The cabin filter is also replaced with a premium quality filter. A must for anyone with a sensitive nose or allergies.

Window Ceramic Treatment - Water Repell & Anti Fog: This Add-On aims to enhance visibility and safety by applying a ceramic compound to your windows. This compound created a hydrophobic barrier improving visibility on the road during rain. On humid days, the treatment also reduces fogging by minimising the condensation that forms on the glass. The treatment is long lasting and provides durable protection to your windows.

Looking for a specific set of services not outlined within our Packages or Add-Ons? Contact us today for a person to person discussion of your vehicle's needs.

*Add-Ons can be added to any package and certain Add-Ons may require more comprehensive detailing beforehand.